21 Awesome Smart Car Designs

The Smart car may be small, but it is making headway in a Big way. While it started making round in Europe, it slowly also made its way to the US, and it seems people are really loving the compact and efficient Smart Car.

In this particular collection we gathered 21 Smart Car designs that show how this tiny vehicle can really deliver to so many different tastes, businesses and art. If you want other cool findings, then check out the 20 Extraordinary Car Concepts we seen before.

Batmobile Smart Car

batmobile smart car design images 1

In a greener and more environmentally friendly Hollywood, this Batmobile Smart Car would be Batman’s vehicle of choice. It may not have any jets or be able to race as well, but it will definitely be easy to hide…and park.

Smart Sports Cars

smart lamborghini car design image 1

While these cars scream out PHOTOSHOP, some actually stick with their story that these created using realistic body kits. Anyways, these Smart Sports Cars are too cute to resist. We have a Porsche, a Corvette, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini all built onto a Smart Car, and even if it is an obvious Photoshop job, it is not a crime to dream.

smart porsche car design image 1

smart ferrari car design image 1

smart corvette car design image 1

The A-Team Smart Van

smart car the a team van design

Fans of the old Television Show (or new movie) the A-Team would simply adore the A-Team Smart Car. It is probably not large enough to include Mr. T, but it would still gather the sight of onlookers.


Crochet Smart Car

smart car crochet design image

This design makes the Smart Car a lot more colorful and also makes it less threatening to bring home and meet your mother.


Smart Car Tank

smart car tank design 1

People love creating various Tank Designs from all kind of different vehicles and products, but the Smart Tank kind of takes the cake. Not only is it ready for some field duty, but it is so tiny…it may be easier to use for under
the radar missions.


Smart Monster Car/Truck

smart car monster truck design image

Some people never grow up, and even though their Smart Car may start small, no one can stop them from making it into a Monster Truck.


Stretched Smart Car Mod

smart car limousine design image 1

Created by Carbonyte, this is the first ever Stretched Smart Car that is a little over the length of 2 Smart cars and took 4 weeks of work. It can easily be used as a driving advertisement, especially with the body looking like a Soft Drink can.


Smart Sand Car

smart car sand sculpture design

Just like building castles in the sand, a fan created a duplicate of a Smart Car that is remarkable in its detail. Just make sure not to get it wet.


Lego Smart Car

smart car lego design image

Created by Lego artist Sean Kenney, who is also made the Giant Lego Nintendo DSi, these Lego Smart Cars are great duplicates. As he explains:

“The completed model is 10-studs wide and 17 studs long, matching the real car’s 1.5 x 2.5 meter measurements.”

Smart Car Mods

The following are some cool Smart Car Mods that were made for fun, as advertisement or for some additional utility.

smart car convertible buggy design image 1

Spotted in Stromboli, Sicily, this great Smart Car is somewhat a mix between a regular, a convertible and a dune buggy. Whatever the reason the maker modded it for, you could be certain it is fun to drive.


convertible smart car design image

These true convertible Smart Cars make owning such a vehicle a truly Smart thing to do. Not only is it efficient and practical, but it still allows you to feel the air in your hair, and the sun on top.

convertible smart car design image 2

Dhyanac and Archipreneur

smart car design weird image 1

A weird but cute Smart mod that makes it a little more retro, like classic Italian vehicles but with the technology of today.

Jen Faith

smart car design weird image 2

Spotted in the U-district in Seattle, this is another weird Smart mod that looks a little enlarged for extra space.

Josh C

Smart Pick-up Truck

smart car pick up design image

Providing even more utility to the practical Smart Cars is this Pick-up Mod that makes it simpler to carry things…even though items carried cannot be too large.


smart car design starbug 1

Two cool Smart mods that used to advertise their companies, but are still unique in the design implementation.

smart car design plane wings image

Tim Drury and Malpensa

Smart Car Wedding

smart car groom and bride design

As if we haven’t seen Weird Weddings before, here is another Smart one. I now pronounce you Smart Groom and Smart Bride.