Key swing phone for faster typing

Most of the smart and advanced phones have such a narrow qwerty keypad that you are able to use only a hand or two of your thumbs. The key swing phone comes with a dual qwerty keypad that can swing in the both sides.

cool black keypad phone

You can use it like a computer keyboard and in this way you can send your mails faster and easier. This is an amazing product by Sang hoop lee.

The most advanced phones are endowed with very narrow keypad, and you find it really difficult to dial a phone number, or type a message, not to mention about surfing on the net or sending mails. It is true that they look smart and elegant but this inconvenience makes you think twice about to purchase one or not.

phone cool color
Now this inconvenience can be forgotten. Key swing phone has come to resolve this problem. It looks just like an ordinary phone at first sight with an elegant & stylish design.

The swing keypad rotates from the larger part (the larger part of the telephone) to the smaller part of the device (from up to down). The keypads swing smoothly on the both edges of the phone so that the keys come at handy.
Depending on your needs you can use only one keypad to dial numbers or to access the menu and any other options available. You must swing the both wings when you have to compose a message and to send a mail. So, we can say that the phone has flexible architecture that models according to the user’s needs.

phone with two keypad

It is as if you would have your laptop or computer keyboard with you. You only have to sit comfortably and start typing messages, read and send emails, dial long numbers easily without mixing up.

Endowed with the latest mobile phone technologies this amazing device has a lot of handy options available. The screen colors are vivid, and the images are perfect. It is a reliable phone, and you have a lot of advanced fun options available on it.

phone with hands on
The colors make it even more elegant and chic. It’s an amazing piece in red and black. The red upper side of the phone with its wide and sophisticated screen makes a wonderful contrast with the black keypads. But if you want you can have one color theme as well. It’s up to you to decide which color you want.