iPad before iPad – a Great Device of our Present and Future

In my opinion, iPad is a great experience connected to the Internet, photos, videos, or emails. It has a lot of advanced applications designed from the beginning to take the advantages.

Ipad before one

Consider the fact that its applications allow you to do things that are impossible on other devices. This is simply great work by Jarrid Henderson.The iPad web browser put the Internet in your hand in the real sense of the word. The images can be viewed in landscape or portrait, in a vivid color. The text size is readable which I consider a great advantage. If the iPad is rotated to landscape, the page you are just viewing rotates too, and then it expands to fit the right display.
If you already feel like in a SF film, remain steady because the things go on.

Surf with your fingers so navigating the web is intuitive and easy. You can scroll the page by just flicking down and up on the screen. When you double tap a page you can shrink or enlarge it. Just pinch what you want to see, iPad games, songs, pictures, you name it and you will be able to zoom the option in or out as well. If you touch and hold a link you will see the URL.

Ipad before some

A useful thumbnail view will show you all the opened pages so you can easily pass from a page to another. iPad was built for speed. The Internet connection is made via an 802.11n Wi-Fi high-speed to help you with iPad downloads. And there is no problem if there is no Wi-Fi available network because you can take the advantage of 3G network. The mail applications make you see your mails in the most natural way. If you set the landscape image, you can open the messages and email from the inbox. If you want to see only one message, set the portrait image.
If you want to send a message, the onscreen keyboards is at your order. More on, the keyboard makes your typing faster; tracking what you are typing, suggesting words, correcting your spelling and automatically inserting the right punctuation.

Ipad side

Its wonderful 9. 7” display shows the photos in gorgeous colors having a prefect contrast and brightness. If the iPad is rotated the picture also rotates.
Anyway, if I haven’t managed to persuade you of the great features of this device, take into account that the features mentioned above are only a brief and pale description of the great capabilities of this iPad. My advice is to try one and to see with your own eyes the incredible advantages offered by the device of the future.