Facebook Mug For The Facebookaholic!

Facebookaholics, behold; the facebook ‘I need more coffee’ coffee mug is here to give your day a jolting start with the tinge of the caffeine. Yes, now you can get hooked up to the addictive social networking website right from the time you wake up in the morning.Facebook Mug For The Facebookaholic!-1

Facebook Mug For The Facebookaholic!-2This fancy facebook mug is an outcome of the working mind of a user called garysbruckner, who is a member of a popular online shopping website. On the mug is printed the ‘wall’ portion of the facebook logged-in home page, with ‘I Need More Coffee!’ written in the post line, ready to be submitted. What appeals to me is the classic feeling of an addict that you get when you sip coffee from this mug. This mug actually makes you realize how much you are addicted to facebook and your daily dose of coffee. The mug is up for grabs in seven different varieties ranging from the classic white to the travel mug and the frosted glass mug.  Variation is also available in sizes, from the frosted glass mug being as small as to hold 10 oz fluid to the stein, which is able to hold 22 oz.

The prices of the mug depending on the sizes and type range from the classic white 11 oz mug being the cheaper one with a price tag of $13.95 and the Frosted glass 16 oz mug being the costliest one with a price of $22.10. Other fancy mugs worth a look are the Battery Mug and the Hot is On and Cold is Off mug, both of which are equally and useful for a busy person.