Walyou Random Roundup [August 7, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup August 7, 2010 includes Luigi, iPhone 5, Videogame Medley, Facebook Fail, Batman, Darth Schwarzenegger, Marvel Superheroes, My Little Pony and more. We wish you a wonderful weekend and hope you enjoy the Roundup!

marvel superheroes toes design image

1. Top 10 Movie Cliches (I Am Bored)

2. ‘The Other Guys’ Clips (MTV)

3. Guy Gear of the Week — Personal Submarines and Burglar Blasters (Asylum)

4. Acoustic Videogame Songs Medley with Lyrics (College Humor)

5. Good Enough To Lick: A Marvel Pedicure (Geekologie)

6. Facebook Fail: Xbox 360 (Fork Party)

7. Great Comics That Never Happened #12: Batman & Motorhead (Comics Alliance)

8. The Late Movies: Waterslide Wipeouts  (Mental Floss)

9. Pegatron MasterPad brings Windows 7 to the slate world (Geek With Laptop)

10. The Search Engine Obstacle Course (Holy Taco)

11. Micro Tech For Apartments: Guy Gear (Ask Men)

12. 50 My Little Pony Mods for Geeks (BuzzFeed)

13. Night Stalker Surfboard With Headlights (Geeky Gadgets)

14. Make Peace With Your Enemies With This Halo Grenade Cake (XboxFreedom)

15. Luigi Munny Inspires the Artist In You to be Creative (WiiNoob)

16. iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPod nano Rumours (GadgetVenue)

17. 15 Fantastic Doctor Who Mash-Ups and Works of Fan Art (Geekosystem)

18. LOL: Darth Schwarzenegger (SlashFilm)

19. Vampire Knight Artemis Rod (Blind Squirrel Props)