Jenga Max Game: A Great Way To Learn and Enjoy

Jenga Max Game is an interactive game that takes into account the pleasure a child gets in building and facing challenges. The game surely is fun.

To use Jenga blocks all you have to do is build blocks big, tall or wide, it’s up to you. But the rule is whatever you build, it must not fall. It can be considered as one of the greatest nail-biting Jenga games. And you can get it at $24.99 only.
You may say that it’s just like any other game and can’t be that extraordinary. Maybe you’re right but think of the advantages this game provides to its targets.

jenga max game max fun
Jenga Max is, in fact, a dexterity game. Children attach the plastic pieces in turn with the last child who places a block successfully wins the game.
It targets children of eight years old and above and was created to develop and improve their skills, patience, and competitive spirit. A team of 2 to 6 children can play this game.

Each child hangs or hooks a block into another while keeping the shape balanced. In order to place the blocks safely, they must learn how to be patient and must try to coordinate their hands and body movements. Thus, they develop and improve more skills and abilities. More on, they start to have notions on equilibrium, gravitational attraction, and weight. Team spirit is also encouraged. With this Jenga game the children can interact, play together, quarrel at times, even  make alliances which in my opinion, greatly contribute to a child’s education.

Jenga max

Another positive aspect of this game is the series of rules that goes with it. While playing and having fun, they learn to obey rules. Rules are important in our lives. Our society is based on rules to avoid chaos. Children must be taught at an earlier age about the importance of rules. And the easiest way to teach them about rules is by playing games.

Furthermore, it’s worth to mention that in playing this game they get to spend time in an entertaining and useful way.

The game set contains thirty six Jenga blocks, a base, and a ring with a magnet, insert and the game rules.
Buy your children a Jenga Max game and let them learn while playing and having fun. It will be a great benefit for you and your children.

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