This Giant Robot Arm is a Formula 1 Simulator

The amazing team of Paolo Robuffo Giordano has invented a brilliant prototype of the robotic arm- the CyberMotion Simulator.  It has convinced me that the researchers are actually contributing to the development of new technological concepts instead of just beating about the bush and re-inventing the wheel.

Giant Robo Arm

This robotic arm lets the person sitting on it experience the ride of a Ferrari in a Formula 1 race. This awesome simulation  make the game so real and thrilling, the gamer almost forgets it is not reality.

Look at details of the 7 foot tall robotic arm.  The top of the arm has a seat on it with a steering mechanism and a screen attached to it. So, when the driver sits on the seat and starts driving the car and following the track displayed on the screen, he or she experiences all sorts of realistic actions like the jerks, turns, stopping and starting and speed variations. Created by the CyberMotion Simulator, this robotic game can supply the players with a real F1 driving experience. Added to the movements are the engine sounds of driving a real Ferrari and the whines hte tires make while taking the turns. Totally amazing!

True, robot arms may have already been used in the amusement parks and theme parks, but still, this concept has something different and fresh about it. It was only last spring that the design and the concept of this robot arm were presented at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.  This conference served as the best platform for  unveiling this revolutionary concept.

This Germany based team of scientists, including Paolo Robuffo Giordano and his colleagues, are creditied for this brilliant addition to the video gaming world. Video gaming has advanced one step ahead now on its way to being associated with reality. Seeing inventions such as this CyberMotion Simulator reinterates that Science is the actual cord between both the worlds.

Robots are trying to invade our lives , but have no fear.  They an also be very cool.  As if the CyberMotion Stimulator isn’t enough, you’ll be amazed with the following innovative Robots viz. Lego Robot that can follow you upstairs and Roboscooperthat resembles the Wall-E from the Disney film.

Via: Popsci