Slimer Stormtrooper Helmet: Ghostbusters-Star Wars Mash-up

This Ghostbuster-Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet is a piece of art.  Really.  The Slime Trooper Helmet was designed and crafted by Nicole Falk as a part of the Vader’s 501 Legion’s TK Helmet Project.  Other designs include a Steampunk helmet(which we reviewed a while back), an Ewok helmet and a variety of other concepts executed by a wide-range of creative minds.

The collection of helmets, including the Slime Trooper Helmet, will be on display at the Star Wars Celebration V on August 15.  The cool thing about this project is that you can purchase your favorite helmet at the auction, with the knowledge that all proceeds are going to the Make A Wish Foundation.

The helmet, designed by Falk, combines two amazing movies (Star Wars and Ghostbusters) creating a uniquely geek helmet that incorporates speakers and a sound system.  I mean, this thing actually plays the Ghostbusters theme song.  If you do end up bidding on this helmet, it’s probably worth your while to go out and find yourself something like the authentic-looking proton pack that we took a look at a while back on Walyou. Then your look will be complete.

Falk’s design proves that you don’t necessarily have to be a Star Wars fan to enjoy these helmets – but it definitely helps.  The mash-up quality of the helmet makes it one of my favorites from the selection of helmets listed on the official website.  I’m not sure what exactly you would use this helmet for – but it would probably have you covered for anything from fighting the Rebel Alliance to busting some ectoplasmic butt.

Via: 501sttkProject