19 Amazing Golf Cart Mods

Apparently, Golf is a sport loved by many and having a great caddie is very important for every golfer. There are many variations in golf carts, however, some of them are really unique and full of awesomeness. Many guys out there love to mod their carts, and they come up with some really brilliant designs.

In this collection we have 19 awesome Golf Cart Mods, which includes a golf cart which looks like it is owned by the fire department to a monster truck golf cart which can run over the rest. So, check it out.

Batman Tumbler Golf Cart

This mean looking Golf Cart reflects pure awesomeness. This brilliant mod makes it the perfect caddie for every golfer who loves the Dark Knight. The Batman Tumbler Golf Cart was actually used as a mode of transportation by Christopher Nolan during the making of The Dark Knight.

Segway Scooter Golf Cart

It looks like a golf cart should not necessarily have four wheels. This is a perfect fusion between a segway scooter and a golf cart which transforms into a brilliantly designed Segway Scooter Golf Cart. It is available for purchase and costs 7,000 Euros

Turf Chopper

The Turf Chopper is actually a chopper-like golf cart. It provides you with some excellent traction around the course and it can easily be folded to switch between walking and riding modes. You can get it in your desired color and it is priced at $1900 USD.

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A-TAC Anti Terrorist Golf Cart

A-TAC stands for Anti-Terrorism Assault Car and apparently, this particular model is designed, just in case the terrorists decide to salvage your golf course. Armed guards can also join you for your protection and just like any other golf cart this one also runs on batteries. If interested, you can get it for $45,000 USD.

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Studebaker V8 Golf Cart

Fast and powerful that is what this golf cart is all about. Although, it may look a lot heavy this mean little caddie seems to be powered by a V8 engine. However, with great power comes great responsibility and no one is yet ready to be responsible for this, and it is just a prototype.

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Funny Looking Golf Cart

This fiery red beast looks like it can make through any terrain, sadly it does not. Looks a bit hilarious and it may still leave quite a big hole in your pocket.

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Cadillac Escalade Golf Cart

This Escalade cart looks like a mini SUV and is powered by electricity. Priced at about, $13,995 it has a fiberglass body, custom paint, marine-grade-vinyl seats and chrome mirrors.

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H2 Hummer Golf Cart

So, you saw the Escalade Golf Cart, apparently there is a Hummer version as well. This one is priced at $38,000 and looks exactly like a tinnier version of the much powerful Hummer. So, if you really want to stand out and show some power on the golf course then this baby is a really great option.

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Airplane Golf Cart

This is a seriously awesome golf cart, totally unique and can house quite a lot of people. Although, this is not available for purchase some out there should really build one.

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Fire Engine Golf Cart

If there is a fire hazard on the golf course you can totally depend on this Fire Engine Golf Cart to come to your rescue! Or can you?

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Shark Golf Cart

If you are not really those flashy types and just want to have a fun Golf Cart, then this looks like a great option. Simple, unique and looks like a shark, however, I am not quite sure where you can purchase it.

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Eco Friendly Golf Cart

Although this is just a concept, it can be good energy saving option for future golf carts. It is a very simple concept where you just have to replace the batteries with fuel cells for zero emission. It seems to have a really futuristic design and interface, while it would be made out of a vegetable fiber composite.

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A Classic Golf Cart

Interested in a golf cart which feels rich and classic? Then your search ends here! This brilliant mod is a fusion between the modern golf cart technology and the classic car look.

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Porsche Cayenne Golf Cart

Running around the golf course in a Porsche maybe soon possible thanks to the company itself. This is a prototype model of what is supposed to be the Golf Cart version of the Porsche Cayenne. This cart is powered by an electric motor and can easily achieve a cruising speed 19 mph.

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Monster Golf Cart

So, if you are in to for total destruction and if you consider running over other golf carts as your favorite past time you may find this yellow colored monster golf cart a really great ride. It has some really huge wheels and the ride height will definitely make five you the feeling that you are totally awesome and superior to others.

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Not much of a Monster Golf Cart

So, some dude was really impressed by the Monster Golf Cart and he decided that he will build one for himself. He did his job but the result was not quite as expected.

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The Remote Controlled Caddie

This awesome looking thing is called the X1R remote-controlled caddie and Golf magazines call it the fairway Ferrari! It obviously is remote controlled and it lasts up to 27 holes on a single charge.

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Solar Powered Golf Cart

Quite self-explanatory, this golf cart is powered by solar energy and is a really great concept to save up on some useful energy. It has a total of 72 solar cells which power a 48 volt battery which provides the power required to run the cart.

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Golf Cart Cake

Finally, let us celebrate this post with a Golf Cart Cake from Debbie Does Cake!