Absolute USB 09 Thumb Drive = Absolute Fashion Statement

Look at this cool USB thumb drive that keeps you organized and looking good.  This little piece of coolness, available in red, stores two gigs of memory.

Sure they make smaller USB drives, but if you’re like me you have a tendency to misplace those little guys.  The neck lanyard will make sure that you don’t misplace this thumb drive unless you really try – ditto for the bright red color.  The unique design of  this piece will also make sure that you don’t forget which device is yours.  You’ll be less likely to leave your device behind.

An added benefit that you don’t often see in USB thumb drives is that this device could probably be used as a dangerous self-defense weapon if you needed it.  That, in a nutshell is the Absolute USB 09 thumb-drive.

The overall device is 77.7 mm, by 56.5 mm, by 8.85 mm – meaning it’s still small enough to fit in your pocket.  At least this way no one will mistake it for a banana, which is always embarrassing.  Granted, my preference would probably be for the key USB we reviewed a while back, or the more useful thumb-drive/bottle opener combo that seems to facilitate drunk USB use.

However, the packaging  on this USB thumb drive is almost as cool as the device itself.  The outward packaging looks like a hard drive removed from any PC.  Perhaps that’s appropriate for something that is going to act as a supplement for your normal hard drive.  Although I would feel a little silly wearing this USB device around campus or the office, the concept makes sense to me.  It’s not just a USB thumb drive, it’s also a fashion statement.