Mini Cannon, All the Boom without the Bulk

This miniature cannon may be small but it packs a real punch. Despite being dwarfed by the opposition, this miniature cannon takes on all comers and takes no prisoners.

Tiny Cannon Packs a punchIn The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon tells about a dream he once had. In the dream he’s a giant but everything is to scale. When asked how he knew he was a giant he responded, “I was wearing a size million pants.” Size is relative and, when talking  about relativity, this miniature bit of artillery is the psychopathic cousin of tiny tanks still to be made.

Now, while writing this article, I was wondering who in the name of all that is good would need a miniature cannon capable of destroying a full bottle of vodka  though I still don’t understand why anyone would want too. Oh, the humanity!) While in mid-wonder, I heard the slow and deliberate rising of what could be called music from my cubicle neighbor. For some inexplicable reason, in this day and age where headphones are tiny and their quality enough to keep the grumpiest audiophile happy,  the man on the street, and most annoyingly the man in the cubicle next to me, finds the need to play their Waka Waka song through their tinny sounds-like-a-munchkin-in-a-kettle cell phone speakers.

Now I have no statistical evidence to back myself up on this, but I am led to believe that cell phone speakers are all encoded with standardized level of poor quality that makes all music appealing to everyone within 1 metre of the speaker and like nails scratching on a chalk board to anyone outside of this safe audio perimeter.

Tiny Cannon Packs a Punch

So, while I watched this mini monster cannon in action as it takes a chunk out of a CD, then a bottle of coke, a bottle of vodka, even taking out a CRT monitor (though it needed a few tries to kill the plucky monitor), the idea of its usefulness came to  light.  This pit sized cannon is a force to be reckoned with, capable of taking out targets from clear across the room. As the video ran a bit longer (possibly due to software on my computer), in my mind this concealed and remotely controlled cannon made my cubicle neighbor’s cellphone the final victim in the massacre.

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Via: Dvice