Super Mario Bros 2 Filing Cabinets Do Exist

There is no dearth of creative activities around the world. The latest is the Super Mario Bros 2 filing cabinets.

Not a day passes when new creative ventures are introduced.  With the coming up of internet, even a simple piece of creativity gets admiration, not only from its place of origin but also all over the world.  Super Mario Filing  Cabinet

Thus a simple creative idea spreads like wild fire around the world.  Super Mario Bros 2 filing cabinets come into this category.

After having a look at the Super Mario Bros 2 filing cabinets, everyone will applaud the brilliant idea. If you come across these cabinets in your vicinity you won’t hesitate to say “Awesome job!”.  If you get a chance to stand near one of these beautiful cabinets, you’ll think you are in the company of Super Mario Bros’s main character who would definitely take you along on his adventurous journey.

As of now, there is no information available as to who created these filing cabinets. Various sources verified that these cabinets do exist.  If you come across one of  these filing cabinets you’ll certainly admire this classic idea and want to place it in your home or office to give your room a new lease on life. But one thing is clear after seeing the golden coins with question marks on it. Don’t start banging your head in order to get one or you could land in hospital.

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Via:   spritestitch