Ewee-PT – The Germans have Revamped it!

Well, surely you can’t go out on the streets with this Segway but it can give you a fantastic ride in your garden! Made in Germany, this Segway has revamped the concept adding features and cutting down where it was necessary. To be specific, this Segway or the Ewee-PT has cut down on the weight to nearly half and so goes for the width too. In addition, the base is way lower to the ground providing a smoother ride and a way better grip. And then you get some extra controls which make it easier to control the Segway. Together, with its new look and better features, the German Ewee-PT is all set to give you a ride of your lifetime!

If you are wondering what exactly does ‘Ewee-pt’ means, then here’s the explanation – Ewee-pt is the German company that has designed the Segway. According to the workers, the basic concept behind the creation of this spectacular machine was to build an easy-to-go, powerful and simple machine that would offer riders a better balance and a better grip. Most of the Segways that we have seen earlier required riders to balance them. This one however, takes a step further and comes with a self-balancing mechanism so riders can actually stand on it carefree and ride around their garden. The steering part is kept traditional; you steer the Segway with a joy stick. Amused? Well there is one more thing that would make you all surprised about this Segway. It is the way you accelerate it! All you need to do is to lean forward to accelerate and lean backwards to decelerate. That sure sounds fun isn’t it?

Although everything sounds good, it is difficult to make a decision of buying. Its relatively high price is the major factor that actually makes you think not twice but a lot of times. Moreover, the company is new in the market so the first thought you are struck with is: “Hey can I trust this company?”

Whether you can trust it or not, enthusiasts however know that this product is worth it!

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Via: Gadgetsteria