Dual Pepperball 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder is Innovative

“This is the age of convergence.” a modern day bard once said. Today, a single electronic gadget can perform the multiple functions of a mobile phone, camera, computer, navigator, and so on and so forth.   With the internet revolution, the whole of media (TV, print, radio) is converging online to offer you everything at the click of a button.

Having progressed this far, it’s a bit sad to see people still juggle with separate salt-and-pepper shakers when spicing up their meal. When you can have one single phone that can perform multiple roles, why not have a single shaker for the two condiment cousins. An enlightened mind has finally managed to combine the dual salt-and-pepper shaker into one single unit. The ‘Dual Pepperball 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder’ allows you to grind and add the two table condiments with just one hand.

When you look at the Dual Pepperball grinder, its design cues will immediately catch your eyes. The grinder comes in a black body with a transparent container in the middle split in two. The body has a rounded shape to it with two ‘rabbit-ear’ like projections. The ‘rabbit ears’ of the shaker-cum-grinder does give it a chic, modern look; but it also serves an important function. It allows the user to grind the salt and pepper by simply pressing the ears together.

Grinders usually need some form of power source to function. The Pepperball grinder is completely independent of batteries or power sockets and works on good ol’ mechanical power. If you wish to grind and sprinkle pepper to your food, simply twist the rabbit-ear handles to align with an inscription of ‘P’ on the neck of the grinder. If you wish to grind and sprinkle salt, turn the handles 180 degrees to align it with an inscription of ‘S’.

This intelligent design allows you to grind the two table condiments separately and without mixing with one another. Another intelligent feature of the Dual Pepperball grinder is that you can set the grain quality of the condiments. If you wish to add finely ground salt to your special sauce, adjust the salt-grinder slider to fine and sprinkle away. If you wish to add coarsely ground pepper to your lasagne, repeat the procedure and adjust the slider to coarse.

The hand grinder is an intelligently designed product that simplifies adding a dash of salt and pepper to your food. Check out the ‘Dual Pepperball 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder’ at Vat19.com.  It is available at $19.95.

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