Medical Glove Diagnoses with a Touch

This Medical Diagnostic Glove is as cool as anything from Star Trek, with real-world applications.  A concept by Senior Industrial Designer Brian Perry, this diagnostic glove seems like it would be a must for any medics in the field of battle or EMTs that need to triage patients quickly.

I’m not sure exactly how it would work since I haven’t looked at the exact schematics for making it function – but the concept is awfully cool.  The Medical Diagnostic Glove is probably even cooler than the Rock Paper Scissors glove or the metal Freddy Kreuger  glove (neither which you’d want to see your doctor  wearing when he comes into the room to figure out what’s wrong with you or start to perform surgery.  For that matter, if Freddy Kreuger ever offers to perform surgery I’d advise you to politely decline and/or wake up).

The comprehensive designs for the Medical Diagnostic Glove illustrates Brian Perry‘s design savvy.  Among other things, Perry has designed a number of remotes and other technological stuff for HP. He knows what he is doing.

The slim design looks a little bit like a mitten or one of those cool gloves that bike messengers wear.  And who’s to say that a bike messenger couldn’t make use of this thing if he encounters a wreck on his route?  It seems logical, all together, and not completely out of this world as far as technology goes.  I would assume that before long one of the big medical companies will be eager to snatch up this design.