Upcoming 3G Show to be Featured at the LA 1988 Gallery

We all remember Ghostbusters. Many of us grew up with the franchise. Pop Culture Art Gallery 1988 in LA is featuring a 3G exhibit, consisting of all things Ghostbusters, Goonies and Gremlins, possibly around September 3rd. The Autumn Society is a collective of illustrators around the world that basically cater to creative events, hosting and organizing many of them. One of them is the 3G Exhibit.
The show, which features different art pieces from illustrators, is going to feature a piece by Scott Derby which is an homage to Ghostbusters on a kind of banner/logo.
It looks like a regular crest/coat of arms with with a spin on the classic “Kill’em All Let God Sort’em Out” motto, which will appeal to the fans. It’s a very simple display that represents what we all grew up with.
While the gallery website does not list any details about the 3G show, The Autumn Society has been listing a lot of the art pieces they’ll be showing. Many of them look really cool, like this one, which is  a plushie of Slimer wolfing down some food.

Apart from visual art pieces, The Autumn Society mentioned in one of their posts that they were going to include a vinyl record as a kind of homage to the band Mogwai,  and also the gremlin kinds.
Album from the Front
Album from the back
The Album foldout
The vinyl record.
It’s a very creative idea, and there are many more of those to go around. Just to list some of the other exhibitions which have been announced, there are a couple of wooden figures, a couple of cartoon pieces, though mostly drawings are what have been posted.
Again, there is no listing for when the show is going to be held, but it will be in Los Angeles, California, at Gallery 1988. The event is being hosted by the Autumn Society, and should be happening sometime within the next month or so, so if you’re in the area, I recommend going to check it out.
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Via [The Autumn Society]