Creativity and Functionality Comes Best with MagicBoard

Cast a spell on your old keyboard and what you will get is MagicBoard. This is what designer Eliel Cabrera probably did.

Cabrera’s magic spell not only changed the looks of the keyboard but also gave it powers far beyond the capability of any other ordinary keyboard. This, in fact, could be called a superhero among all keyboards.

What is it that makes Carbera’s keyboard so magical? Take a look at all its features. This wonder keyboard is enabled with a wireless Bluetooth, WiFi and a touch screen surface technology. By simply touching the screen and moving the fingers and palm of one hand over the surface without losing contact, it is possible to change the layout to communicate with your device. The keyboard smoothly transforms from a piano to a keyboard and also to a drum skin. It does not only display the QWERTY format but can also be used as a MIDI controller or a ClickWheel.

The innovative concept of the MagicBoard will help you break free from the traditional working methods. Using this gesture controlled keyboard you can decide how to communicate with your devices. You will no more be bounded by the usual mouse and keyboard style of working. With its configurable layout, working would be a fun experience.

The magic does not stop here. Our MagicBoard, can be easily configured with a desktop, laptop, tablet, Smartphones or even with your iPad. You as a user are given the freedom to make your choice whether you wish to work on a laptop or a tablet or any other device. You decide your method of work as to what you wish to do. Using the magic of this cool keyboard you can record tracks, play them, polish up software skills, create your own shortcuts, . . . the list is endless.

MagicBoard has a promise offering you freedom to explore your hidden talent and delve deeper. All you need is a screen, a CPU and the heart and mind to achieve something. Once decided as to what you want to do, your MagicBoard will help you achieve your goals with a lot more comfort than that available earlier. Let your imaginations run loose since the sky is the limit. The more you let your thoughts move freely the better use you can make of the MagicBoard.

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Via: Gadget4girls