Unusual DSLR Concept For Taking Unusual Pics

Clicking a great pic often involves more effort than that is evident to the eye of the beholder, this effort is usually unseen and can only be recognized by a true photographer, who might have been through a similar time as well. This new DSLR concept is aimed at making the task of the amateurs a bit simpler and reducing the amount of pan the professionals go through in capturing a truly amazing picture.

unusual DSLR

One look at this design will make you realize that all conventional rules of a DSLR design have been broken and a completely new set of rules has been laid down, a set of rules that aims in making the design more user-friendly and a lot easier to adapt to the environment. The main purpose of creating this design is to make it more feasible to click pictures that are below waist-level, something that could also be done using angled displays but not that efficiently.

unusual DSLR2

The handling position of this camera highly resembles the ones during the early eras of photography as they should be held in a similar fashion. You could also check out 11 most unusual camera designs or check out the Spy cam table lamp.

via:[Core 77]