Autobots vs. Decepticons Tattoo Art

Not all of us are followers of the Transformers fad but the ones who are will fall in love with this art. This guy had a huge Transformers tattoo, more like a skinny half shirt with sleeves.

It might not be really attractive and spectacular for most of us but for a change it’s not bad either. Like I said, fans of Transformers wouldn’t mind having such a tattoo on the next beer fest. But would you like to have it permanently on your skin for the rest of your life? Not really!

Apart from our own preferences one thing that we all need to accept is that the tattoo is a real piece of art. The part which I liked the most about it is that even though it’s a Transformers tattoo, it doesn’t look like one. It’s not like any other childish looking cartoon tattoo but a much more sophisticated and detailed one. The tattoo is basically divided into halves; on the left side you have Autobots and on the right you have Decepticons. Yes, that’s right! The war is on and the base is this guy’s body.

Look at it and adore the fact that every minute detail has been carefully drawn to make sure the tattoo has the right appeal and feel. Like I said it’s not a childish comic tattoo but one for adults. On the other hand, the tattoo has been given an overall red and blue base to make it look more like a Transformers product. Although, the Decepticons should have been black but I guess the red and blue is there to give it the Optimus Prime touch. Yep the red and blue colored Autobot Optimus Prime (the major character of Transformers).

Although I don’t really know much about the tattoo and this guy wearing it, I can surely say it’s not a permanent one. In fact to me it would be complete foolishness to have such a tattoo for the rest of my life. But as they say ‘love is blind’ who knows this gentleman has actually fallen in love with the whole Transformers vogue.




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