Darth Maul Stormtrooper Helmet

A bell-shaped helmet sits on a pitch-black background with soft amber lights streaming down on it. The orange and black color tones of the helmet gleam under the soft lights. Square shaped, goggle-covered eyes and a half-toothed grin stand out on the helmet’s face.

The bell-shaped helmet is the legendary stormtrooper’s helmet from the Star Wars universe, but made in a brand new colorful avatar inspired by Darth Maul.

The ‘Ray Park “Darth Maul” ‘ helmet was professionally designed by an avid Star Wars fanboy. While browsing through the Star Wars website one fine day, the fan found a mention of the TK Project. Upon further inquiry, the designer discovered that the TK Project is a platform where Star Wars fans get to design a stormtrooper helmet in their own creative way.

Finally he found a way to indulge his fanboy fantasies. He decided to be a part of the TK Project. Hours and days were spent in thinking of an original and eye-catching design. After delays and deliberations, he hit upon the idea of designing a stormtrooper helmet to look just like character “Darth Maul”. The designer decided to have a sun-colored orange as the base color of the helmet. In order to get the real look, black was used on the orange base to shape mean lines and look. The rear side of the helmet has two orange squares standing out against a black background.

What gives this particular stormtrooper helmet the complete look is all the horns sticking on top of the helmet’s skull. The horns are medium-sized with a cream color base. Subtle black lines on the horns give it a rough texture. He has creatively designed the horns to make it seem as if they are bursting out of the skull.

Ray Park’s Darth Maul inspired stormtrooper helmet is eye-catching with quality design work on it.

The 501TK Project, which inspired to design the ‘Darth Maul’ stormtrooper helmet, is a project based on the lines of the Vader Project (where Darth Vader helmets are creatively designed). The TK Project is closely associated with the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ and donates all proceedings to the non-profit organization.

Ray Park’s stormtrooper helmet is one of the many unique storm trooper helmet designs that are a part of the TK Project.

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