Light Bulb Form Factor Computer, Death to Monitors and Keyboards

Computer screens and keyboards can be classified as endangered species with this “computer” which screws into a lightbulb socket and projects on any available surface. In the future we will not interact with computers the way we do now.

Computer displays and input methods will be available where we want them when we want them.

Light Bulb Form Factor Computer I’ve been known to prattle on for hours my conspiracy theories about the effects of growing technological monopolies on the spread of revolutionary techonology. Simply put, without the monolithic software and hardware companies forcing their bottom line driven agendas on us, we’d be living the world of the future. Our coffee machines would be cracking jokes with us, our cars would be flying, perhaps we’d each have a Back to the Future style hoverboard. Ok perhaps we wouldn’t have all those things but I’m pretty darn sure I’d be able to save space on my desk by not needing a monitor and keyboard.

The guys over at Fluid Interfaces Group have the same dream as mine, they’re working on a project called luminAR, “computer interface” that screws into an ordinary light bulb socket and projects an interface onto an open space. Pretty awesome, hey? Not awesome enough for the guys at Fluid interfaces. They decided to build a motorized robotic arm to mount their lightbulb socket on. This allows the user to train the robotic arm preferred areas to project or even have the arm find the least cluttered area on the desk to display the interface.

Light Bulb Form Factor Computer Light Bulb Form Factor Computer

The LuminAR bulb is a combination of a Pico-projector, camera and wireless computer in a compact form factor. The system is self contained and is controlled by a gestural user interface and can be screwed into any standard light fixture not just the robotic arm. The luminAR lamp is an articulated robotic arm, that works with the LuminAR bulb.

The key idea behind the LuminAR project is that unlike traditional computer hardware which occupies your workspace, the LuminAR project is designed to augment your environment with on demand data displays. The Luminar project will transform your entire work area into potential interactive spaces whichs blend your user interface and environment.

“The project radically rethinks the design of traditional lighting objects, and explores how we can endow them with novel augmented-reality interfaces.”

So if like me, you are sick and tired of having to compete with the hardware of living, the LuminAR is the future. Future computers will support life rather than occupy valuable bits of it.

Light Bulb Form Factor Computer

Once you had your LuminAR you’ll need this Ex-Time Projecting Watch or this Apple iWatch Wrist Computer to go with it.

Via HackaDay