Emulator Multitouch Software

If you’re into the music making scene, you may have heard of Monotouchlive, a MIDI controller for monotouch platforms. Pablo Martin, Monotouchlive’s developer, discontinued the software last month and replaced it with Emulator, the MIDI Controller for multitouch platforms.
Emulator is designed to work with Windows 7 tablets (Yes, there will be an iPad app for it), enabling users to access everything they need on one screen. The first version of the software includes a layout that’s compatible with Traktor Pro internal mode, with future releases being capable of running on Traktor’s external mode, and with new layouts that work with other interfaces.

Emulator works with both 86x/64x versions of Windows 7 on tablet PCs with 12.1 inch screens and 1280×800 screen resolution. This is an exclusive limitation because the larger LCD multitouch screens aren’t accurate enough for professional usage, with the exception of the units from PQ Labs, as shown in the video. Emulator features playlist view which allows you to access your playlist; keyboard view which allows you to search for songs not on your playlist; and the global view which is the standard interface for MIDI Controlling.
It’s been reported that the use of Emulator on single touch devices has been successful, so even if you are using the older single touch devices, it should be fine as long as it runs on Windows 7. On the download page, the emulator software is up for purchase at $75 USD for a lifetime, and for a single year, it is $49 USD. It lists software requirements as mentioned earlier, with .NET Framework 4.0 or higher, Midi Yoke and Traktor Pro. The software is currently in a beta demo, and you can try it or get a licensed copy of it on the download page of the site linked at the bottom.
Via Pablo Martin