Look honey, It’s a super toaster!

The human need for toast and coffee is almost as ingrained as our need to breathe or to socialize. Hundreds of years later,when we involve in intergalactic battles, we will still be taking pots of coffee and toasters on our space ships.

Now for the sake of style we can’t take the same old toasters in a super swanky million dollar spaceship now, can we ?

Eric Pautz, a product designer from Brazil may have thought along the same lines and created Chomp. The one toaster for a spaceship of the future. The one toaster design to rule them all. Toaster of the gods. Why such heaps of praises ?


Let me give you an example. Imagine a smart-toaster which creates sandwiches of different sizes using an innovative pressing mechanism which adjusts to the thickness of the bread. Exactly. As cool as this feature sounds, the everyday usability is where, at least on paper,this little gadget impresses the most.


According to Pautz , Chomp can be used in both open or closed positions. That means it’s not restricted to just toasts and sandwiches but we are talking waffles, grilled meat, and fried eggs here. It can make them all. This is like the Jedi Knight of toasters. No? You don’t think so yet?  Well, does the fact that this whole operation is going to run through a touch interface can change your mind?    I can already see the new pickup line for us stylish geeks. “You wanna come home and see my toaster” (use it at your own risk. Might cause side effects like getting slapped or the ‘throw drink on face syndrome’)

Lastly, this product seems just right for a busy professional, living in a big fast city and ideal for the usual small apartment kitchen as it’s going to save a ton of space by replacing a waffle iron, a grill and of course the regular toaster and by performing a multitude of tasks.


Chomp is still in a conceptual stage but I can’t wait until it actually hits the market for us common folks(waffles at midnight woo hoo !!). 10 bucks say Apple buys the idea and calls it itoast, shipping free with the next iMac.

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