How To Make a Yummy R2-D2 Cake

“Now, go into the kitchen and make me a robot”, sounds odd doesn’t it? Well, keep your eyes open because Mark Joseph cakes have created just the thing. They call it the R2-D2 cake; it’s a very famous cake as Mark Joseph cakes get a lot of orders for this. finished cake

It is an absolute necessity for a robot themed wedding, but would also go well for the birthday of some Star Wars fan. Though looking at the robot may remind you of Star Wars, its making process doesn’t require the use of any high-tech gadgets. All it requires is that you know how to make a cake and rice krispie treats, with a bit of innovation on your own.

1 cake side

This allows you to be, well, a scientist and a pastry chef at the same time. Made from simple baking techniques, the R2-D2 cake is one of a kind in its geometry. The initial process is similar to that of a cake, but its starts diverging from the cake recipe as the process goes on. You start off with making a cake base; you require 4 or 5 as such, depending on the height of the robot you require.  Cut each base into two or three pieces stack these pieces on top of each other with cream filling separating two consecutive pieces.

Cake shape

Now, it’s time for remodeling, carve it making a semi-circle shape on top. You have now completed the torso of the robot; also you need to sculpt the rest of your stack, so that you achieve a cylinder shaped body. Now, the next part is a mystery and something that differs from the conventional cake making process; you make the legs of the robot using rice krispie treats. First make the rice krispie treats; for this, all you need are some rice Krispies and some honey or sugar syrup to keep it together.  Then shape them in the form of legs and set them aside till they are hard enough to handle. After this, frost them with thinly spread white fondant coating.

all you need for robo cake

Now what they use for coloring would be something I am not quite sure of. Most probably, they’ve used silver color addable color dust for robot details; after that, they just assembled the parts together with some frosting and that’s it. Now you have an R2-D2 cake, which is as robotic as it can get in a kitchen.

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Via: Robo Jenny