Super Mario Bros Yahtzee dice game

Since the original Yahtzee has been selling for over 50 million copies each year, you can understand the level of popularity that this game enjoys.

super mario bros yahtzee dice game image

To play the game, you need to roll five dice to get certain combinations and score as many points as you can.  Since regular Yahtzee may not look exciting to enthusiasts with its white and black-pipped dice, you can bring more colors into play by using this Super Mario Yahtzee dice game costing $19.99.


With power-ups like Red Mushroom, Coin, Yoshi Egg, Green Shell, Fire Flower, and Star, you can now play the original game, albeit with bright colors and mushrooms. With three game types namely Luck, Strategy and Probability, and almost 30 minutes’ of play time, you can enjoy playing Yahtzee with custom dice having power-ups as a substitute of the original pips.

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