PS3 Jailbreak! PS3 Jailbreak Via USB Dongle

It seems that the PS3 has finally been really jailbroken and using the PS Jailbreak Dongle, users will be able to play copied games off of an External Hard Drive.

Disclaimer: We do not condone Jailbreaking or Modding your PS3, for it goes against the principles of Playstation and the Gaming Industry as a whole. Any Jailbreak, Hacking or Modding your PS3 (or any other console) is at your sole discretion and responsibility. In addition, no Playstation Jailbreak software or products are available here.

ps3 jailbreak usb dongle

Detailed information of the PS Jailbreak can be seen at Gameranx, but here is the gist of it:

The PS3 Jailbreak by USB consists of a PS Jailbreak Dongle and the following explanations:

– The PS Jailbreak is compatible with any model of existing PlayStation 3 to day of today (as much FAT as SLIM).
– We can create backups in the Internal HD or an External HD.
– It works with all the games.
– It supports homebrew.
– Capable of adding new characteristics.

PS Jailbreak Requirements are:

– PS3 must have PS3 Firmware 3.41 installed
– unload Backup Manager of Web and copy on an external device USB with format FAT32.

PS3 Jailbreak:

1: Connect PS Jailbreak Dongle when the console is turned off

2: Turn on the Console and immediately afterwards press the Eject button. If PS Jailbreak dongle was loaded successfully, then the LED in the Jailbreak should be Green.

ps3 jailbreak usb dongle led green

3: If PS Jailbreak loaded sucessfully, then connect an external hard drive to an additional USB port on the console.

4: Go to Game Menu –> Install Package Files –> Backup Manager

5: Afterwards you need to insert the disc of the game you want to backup, and you also select where to back it up to.

Games may take a while to backup (GOW3 took 90 Minutes) but then can be loaded through the backup (from external hard drive as well). Also be aware that once PS3 is Jailbroken, dongle cannot be removed or hack un-installed.

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