Pinpoint Lightning Saves You From Lightning Disasters

If you are afraid of lightning, then this newly launched application PinPoint Lightning can be of great value for you. It has  only, however, been designed to go well with the iPhones.

Pinpoint Lightning

So, more accurately said,  it is only the iPhone holders who can load this application into their phones and get information about the probable strikes of lightning within a distance of 30 miles. Though it does not provide you with a solution to stop lightning and its after effects, at least you will get alerts to prepare yourself so you can escape the danger zones.

The use of the PinPoint Lightning application is mostly adequate for the lightning prone areas that frequently experiences thunder, lightning, heavy rainfall and other natural calamities such as hurricanes. The added features that come clubbed with this application include animated radar, lightning alerts for ten neighboring places and street-level vision of each strike.

Apart from saving yourself from the probable wrath of the lightning and thunder, you can save others as well by transmitting the emergency alert to their iPhones as fast as possible. Each year, lightning disasters in different parts of the world have brought chaos and contributed to the loss of both people and materials. There can be no bad side to installing this particular application in your iPhone. A report says that there are approximately 25 million lightning flashes on earth every year and the losses and destruction caused by these from time to time is a common fact. Actually, many times, the instances of lightning show the brutal part of the nature at its worst. That only proves how helpful and useful this application can be in staying alert and saving lives.

PinPoint Lightning stands out as a revolutionary concept for the whole world. With the advancement in science and technology, and with the inventions of such great applications,  human life has become more protected. Receiving the lightning alert may sometimes seem quite terrifying, but it is still not as bad as being stuck by lightning!

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