The Revolutionary Tea Cup Makes The Perfect Tea

You are a tea person and love the flavor and fragrance of a freshly brewed cup of tea. Since you stay on your own, you make do with tea bags and prepare tea using the automatic settings of your microwave. The result is a watery brew, which does not even come close to a freshly prepared cup of tea.

Part of the problem lies in preparing tea in the microwave. The tealeaves and water need to be carefully brewed to maximize flavor. The other part of the problem lies in how we store tea bags. If not stored in a moisture free environment, the tea bags can get soggy and lose their aroma.

A concept by Russian package designer, Vlad Lyovushkin, might just help you make the perfect cup of tea, and solve the problem of storing your tea bags. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

The concept involves an ordinary looking, synthetic teacup that can double as a storing unit. If this concept is given the green light to be developed, then it may just spell the end for tea bags itself.

The synthetic teacup has a brown colored top cover and a transparent teacup. The top cover has a wedge-shaped gap where a single tea bag is stored. A flap covers the gap. The tea bag is made up of a punched nylon foil that retains the flavor of the tealeaves for a longer period. Another advantage of the nylon foil is that it systematically releases the tealeaves when brewed with hot water.

To brew the perfect cup of tea all of you to do is cut open the flap, where the tea bag is stored, with the help of a roller knife provided, pour hot water into the teacup, and place the cover on the teacup by inverting it. This way the tea bag will dip in the hot water.

The top of the cover has a heat indicator that displays when the tea is ready. It has four buttons and when all the four buttons go from yellow to red, your tea is ready.

Once the tea is ready, remove the cover, place the moist tea bag back into the wedge-shaped gap and seal the flap. You can now enjoy a delicious, piping hot cup of tea that is as fresh as they come.

The teacup is not only functional but also has an aesthetic, traditional feel to it, bringing back a culture where having tea was no less than a ceremony.  If this concept is designed and marketed in the future, it may revolutionize the way we have tea.

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