iSketch is More Stable than the iPhone 4

The iSketch concept is a temporary solution to iPad sketchibility.  But with new pressure-sensitive iPad’s rumored to be in the works — this will get you headed in the right direction.

With the recent hoopla about how unstable the iPhone 4’s connection is, it’s about time that someone propped up Apple products at least a little.

In this case the stability is added via the iSketch, a concept that provides added stability to the iPad for those who want to use the tablet to draw or sketch.  Because of the iPad’s exterior design, the device is quite difficult to use as a sketchpad when it’s placed on a desk or other flat surface.

The iSketch concept creates a stable platform for users who utilize a variety of the iPad’s functions – but sketching is clearly what the innovators had in mind.  The platform also comes with a dock that will help your iPad stay charged while you’re using it – effectively making the iSketch convenient and useful for artsy types on the go.

The iSketch essentially fits around your iPad, creating an extra inch or so of frame that houses the charger and provides stability.  The device is black and sleek and seems to provide a remarkably simple solution that incorporates some of the ideas behind other touch-sensitive drawing pads, or other sketching-related products like the Boogie Board.  Granted, the black frame is probably not going to look as cool with your gold plated iPad, but if you’ve sprung the big big bucks for the ultra tacky gold iPad, I’m pretty certain you can have a little custom job done.  Who knows, you could probably even have some diamonds and emeralds added to really up the bling factor of your iPad.

Via: Geeky Gadgets