A Phone With a Soft Touch

After the telephone was first introduced by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875 the telephone was considered a luxury. Not everyone could afford to have a connection then. Times have changed and now in the age of the mobile phone, the number of telephone connections in a house outnumbers the number of family members. The mobile phone might have invaded the market dramatically but still the landline phone has stood the test of time.

In a market where we see new models of mobile phone handsets being launched every single day, the landline phone is not far behind. If you need proof then consider this Chez Soi. Designed by Veronika Gombert, the Chez Soi is a landline handset covered completely with leather. Standing apart from its plastic body counterparts the Chez Soi is a marvel in itself.

The designer has definitely spent a lot of thought into the making of this landline phone handset. What do you think could be the purpose of maintaining a soft and partially flexible shape? Well one very good reason we can think of is the fact that many a times we tend to hold the phone in awkward positions and also tuck it into the chin. Sounds very uncomfortable, right? When you get a handset that bends according to your requirements talking on the phone sure becomes comfortable and fun.

Telephone designs have come a long way ever since their first appearance. There was a time when we had heavy metallic telephones which were mounted on walls. The mouthpiece and the earpiece were two different parts. From the wall it came to the table and there was the candlestick design. Gradually the earpiece and mouthpiece were joined together. Metal was replaced with high-tech plastic and the telephone became a lot lighter in weight and appearance. Visually the telephone became colored owing to the plastic being used. There was color in life but then that was not enough. As we all know technology is ever evolving and due to this fact a new turn came in the life of the landline phone. It could move around freely within a limited range, thanks to the invention of the cordless phone. Not only was there color but also movement. Wow, that sure was some development.

A working brain is never at rest and it is such a brain that gives birth to new things every now and then and this in turn makes life comfortable for many. Small things matter and this is probably what Veronika Gombert thought of when designing the Chez Soi. Thanks to her designed handset model for we may now find it easier to talk on the phone while working on the computer or cutting vegetables.

With innovation creeping in, there are variety of phone models that you could lay your hands on such as Coca cola Cup Phone and USB Phone Receiver.