Innovative iPhone 4 vinyl sticker ideas

If you want to spice up the way you use your iPhone 4, check out these cool vinyl sticker ideas. By sticking these stickers at the back side of your iPhone, you can create an illusion for the onlookers as if you are talking backwards on your gadget.

iPhone 4 vinyl sticker1

Priced at $9.99, these magical stickers designed by Amazing Calling from Hong Kong showcase images of great political leaders like Lenin, Obama, Bill Clinton, scientific geniuses like Einstein, from which you may have your pick.

iPhone 4 vinyl sticker2

You can even sport a beautiful babe in bikini if you want to catch the attention of those around you the first time while you merrily speak on your phone.  So, claim your own iPhone 4 vinyl stickers to spice up your life and the way you talk on your phone.

iPhone 4 vinyl sticker3

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Via: iPhone Savior