Solar Powered Media Player by Sony

I am a self-professed Sony junkie. I remember having a Sony Walkman Tape player (back when cassettes were still the big thing) and I’ve had all the PlayStation consoles at some point or another.

To be fair though, Sony does have a reputation when it comes to entertainment technology. And now, the company that brought you the Walkman, and more recently, the Playstation 3 and the introduction of Blu-Ray technology, brings you a concept design for the solar powered personal media player.

Drawing inspiration from a solar eclipse, designer Hoang Nguyen has designed a personal media player which he calles the Sony Eclipse. The media player draws on a set of photovoltaic cells on the back panel, harnessing the power of solar energy and providing a renewable and sustainable power source that can keep the device working through the night.
The concept images for the device look pretty sleek, and the device is window-mountable so that it can collect solar energy as it is mounted on your window during the day. Synchronizing the device with a computer is also relatively simple, as it comes with a Bluetooth connection. The device also comes with Wi-Fi capabilities, a built-in auxiliary input and USB port. Again, all that users need to do is to just hang it on a window, and charge the built-in battery.
The Eclipse runs on a touchscreen interface, so it looks relatively easy to use, and if renewable energy really is the way of the future, then we may have something to look forward to. And while it may still be a concept design, it is definitely something to watch out for, as it does look promising.
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