Watch Out Serial Killers, the Dexter Bobble Head is Coming

When I first heard the premise of the (now very popular) show, Dexter, I thought “This thing will never make it.” First of all, what the hell is a “blood splatter expert?” It sounds just obscure enough to be a real profession.

Now, that alone will get you a crime drama on TNT these days, but if we’re gonna make this a bonafide cable TV show, there needs to be some extra blood and violence here. Thus, Dexter is no ordinary blood splatter guy, he’s also a hunter of serial killers. The hunter becomes the hunted, so to speak, and to top it off, Dexter is now featured with his very own Bobble Head Doll. Read it and weep.

In the show, Dexter has a bit of a creepy expression and stands 7 inches tall. If you happen to be a serial killer, might I not recommend placing him on your nightstand. Our buddy Dexter here looks like he’s cleaning up after his latest kill. At a price of $12.99, your wallet won’t exactly be feeling the pain either (unless you’re choosing between this and your WoW subscription. You might get a little more bang for your buck with the latter. I’m just saying).  Just about anything can be made into a bobble head doll these days, I think, and Dexter is certainly no exception.

Would you like some more examples? Not to worry, we have you covered here. If you’re feeling nostalgic, might I suggest this GI Joe Bobble Head. If you’re looking to just relax and be jamming, then Bob Marley Bobblehead is probably more up your alley.