A New Sleek Design in Wrist Watches: Tokyoflash Lock-up

“Intriguing” and “interesting” are the words that come to mind at first glance of this Tokyoflash product. Other people will say “Okay, I have heard of analogue watches and digital watches, but what category does this fit into?” Yes, it does create quite a bit of drama at first, but apart from that no one can deny the fact that it would look cool to wear it. The combination of silver and black adds the durable metallic look to the watch plus the silver also enhances its shine so anyone who passes by you is sure to have a look on the watch.

Cool watch

Now, the most important part, apart from being a fashion statement, it has to serve its primary purpose that is of a watch. Which it does so, but one must use the word unorthodox. Let me tell you the way to see the time on this unusual watch. Firstly, I will be explaining everything to you considering that you are looking at the watch from top, meaning you and the dial are  face to face and the buttons are on the right side. Okay now if you see the watch, you will also notice that its dial part has three series of LED’s (Light emitting diode, those small rectangles on the sides) running along the boundary of the circle. Now, the LED’s you see on the right side are for hours, the LED’s at the bottom are for 5 minute groups, meaning that each LED represents 5 minutes.

Cool watch 1

The series you see on the left is one LED for a single minute.  One more thing, all the LED’s will glow red other than those which show you respective time as shown in the pictures.
Let me simplify it by giving you an example. Suppose the time is 3:41. Now the LED which will not be glowing on the hour side will correspond to the digit 3. In the 5 minute groups, the LED parallel to digit 40 will be off, and lastly the LED which relates to digit 1 will be off on the left-hand side.

Cool watch 2
A bit confusing you might think, but it always takes time to get used to new things. As far as I can tell it will take you no more than a day to familiarize yourself to it. Anyhow it will surely be a favorite as it is already getting good reviews. 4.1/5 is pretty good for a watch in its early stages.

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