Robot Lawnmowers Introduced to Golf Greens

If you’ve heard of the Roomba, you might know about the kind of thing that it does. It vacuums your house on its own, vacuuming where there are no obstacles on the way.

Robotics company Precise Path recently received $4.5 million in funding for a robotics design similar to a Roomba with a different purpose and a better design. Enters the RG3 Robotics Greens Mower.

While it may not be the best looking thing, it does look pretty cool, and it is also the cheapest way to cut costs for all golf course maintenance costs. According to estimates, it’s about two billion dollars worth of savings. The Precise Path mower is capable of showing up and mowing the greens every single day, saving labor costs which take anywhere up to 60% of most club budgets.
While I compared the RG3 to the Roomba, the RG3 is actually a lot more useful than a glorified vacuum cleaner. For one thing, it can travel in straight lines. While this may not be an impressive feat on its own for a lawnmower, it is a rather important feature to have, especially on a golf course. While the RG3 is built for golf course lawn care, it looks like it could be used for any outdoor grooming task such as spraying, snow removal, and even mowing logos into lawns.

The RG3 is a very cool idea despite it looking somewhat strange (it’s got a sunhat!) and if they can develop this for personal use, I wouldn’t be surprised if the company became a major player in home and garden care. Of course, that kind of goal would have to be long term, and it isn’t likely to see that sort of development for at least a few years. You can watch the videos below.

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