The Snowflake Speakers Concept

It is amazing how technology still manages to outdo itself every time. Every passing year introduces us to an invention more bizarre, more unique, and more stylish. And every time there is a new product in the market, the older version we have at home seems suddenly ancient and we are nagged by an impulse.

The impulse to buy a new product just to keep up with the changing times. The latest addition to our impulsive-shopping list is the new JBL Snowflake Speakers. Now for those who thought that snowflakes and speakers have nothing is common, please pay attention. Because the designer, Sylvain Gerber, has not only put the two words together but has been successful in combining the two concepts together.

Snowflakes have always had a certain mysticism and charm. Their beautiful shape and persona have been the muse of many jewelry designers across the world. But imagining those as speakers may be a bit difficult, until you see the speakers by Gerber. The beautiful design combines very tactfully the beauty of a snowflake and the technology of the future.

These speakers use the latest integrated flat membrane audio equipment technology which eliminates the equipment display by stowing them away into the bottom of the speakers. The illuminated flower that we see around the speaker is the wiring arrangement that illuminates when switched on. There is a small space provided in front of the speaker in which the iPod Touch or iPhone can be fixed and connected to play music. Compact design and small size give added advantage which means no more bulk. Another bonus is that even with all these adjustments, it can still deliver the kind of sound quality it promises. Sheer audio purity for the ears, just like a pure white snowflake.

A beautiful concept as it may be, it is still just a concept. For it to have a more real form any time sooner still remains to be seen. But other than its pending arrival in the market, a more disappointing concern about these speakers is their affinity to Apple products. With its brilliant design and compact size you would wonder if it will be produced for the masses, right? Well, sorry but no — it’s not going to be that way. The fact that it is designed just for iPhone and iPod touch users does seem unfair. And limiting their clientele exclusively to Apple users wouldn’t be a very welcoming idea for people who might love the concept.

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Via: Yanko Design