If You Think Only Machines Can Transform, Think Again with the Transforming Bag

Whenever you come across some high quality artistic leather crafts, steampunk masks, cool and weird designs from metal or glass over the internet, then it would definitely be from the talented workshop of Bob Basset and this time, it’s a cool unique leather bag that transforms into different shapes to suit your requirement. Leather-transformer-1



The Transformer Bag, from the artistic House of Bob Basset, is made from high quality Black Leather with stylish glossy appearance. The bag is provided with a zipper chain at the center, along with leather handles at the top (extensible) and at the sides so that it can be held as you desire. The bag appears to have a simple tortoise shell-like design and can be folded into various shapes like that of a big rugby ball, a simple rectangular-shaped handbag or a college bag. It absolutely forms a perfect gift as it transforms as you wish and can be utilized by both men and women of different age groups i.e. as handbags for shopaholic ladies, office bags of workaholic men or as cool college bags for young boys and girls! Impressed, right? So what are you waiting for?



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