Phone in a Fashion Piece: Philips Fluid Smartphone with Flexible OLED Display

A bracelet and a smartphone, what would happen if someone put these two together? Same question must have been in the mind of the Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata who gave the answer in the form of Philips Fluid Flexible Smartphone Concept.

flexible smartphone

This concept phone looks nothing like an ordinary smartphone you see in the market these days which are hard and rigid. This however is quite flexible, you can roll it as a bracelet or make it as straight as a skateboard.  So the most important thing that makes it really special is its unique design. Flexibility is one thing that makes it differ from conventional smartphones; it is this fact that makes it more useful from the ones you’ve used. It serves the purpose of both style and mobility, especially for women.

flexible smartphone one

You can wear it as a bracelet and when you want to talk, just take it off your sleeve.  It’s also easily disguised, if for some purpose you don’t want to show off your phone. In other words, it’s a bracelet that you can see time on.
Philips Fluid Flexible Smartphone plays the role of a bracelet as well as a smartphone to full extent without compromises; it is as thin and flexible as a bracelet can be yet it does not lack any functionality of a smartphone.

flexible smartphone three

Made up of OLED’s (Organic Light Emitting Diode, extremely thin and made up of organic semi-conductors), it can keep all the features of a smartphone available while adding the extra advantage of turning into a bracelet. The way it’s designed also enhances some of its features, for example, it is ideally built in case you want to play games on your smartphone.

flexible smartphone two
Besides all this, when you roll it up it forms a pretty decent bracelet. It is certainly an excellent choice for women who are always trying to bind fashion with the things they use. Though you have to be careful on one spot, its thin figure does make it a style icon but it also makes it a bit more fragile. Keeping everything into account, it is a pretty good smartphone and has plenty of fans already. This is what you call “in” or “trendy” nowadays, as everybody is wanting to get their hands on one of them.

flexible smartphone four

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Via: Concept Phones