Interactive Game Of Life Makes You Say WOW

The gaming world has now gone one step ahead with the introduction of the recently unveiled interactive Game of Life, a game that you can play by interacting with it.

Game of Life

Created by EvilMadScientist for the Leo Villareal Exhibition, this game with numerous LEDs fitted in the 2-inch grids, delivers the real fun. It is big enough and boasts a measurement of 32 x 44 inches. For operating the game the way you want, it has got a control section too. Although the USP of this game is its interactive feature, for which it has made recognition among others, there is a “control” section too. The control section comprises of four buttons, namely, Pause, Clear, Next Step, and Run.

game of life circuit

Leo began with a circuit board where the 10-mm diffused-lens LEDs were fixed. All these LED cells were activated with infrared sensors to make them detect and react to the movement of an object. You can see the lights react to the hand movement by moving your hand on air over the circuit board.

To let the signals pass on from one circuit to another, all the circuit boards were joined with connectors. Once all circuit boards were connected, these were projected on a wooden case and a total of 44 circuit boards together gave the final form of the big gaming board.

interactive game of life

To make the four buttons on the “control” section two circuit boards were used. All the four buttons are identical except for the colors. With those readable texts on the buttons, the transparent overlay, and the use of the separate software configuration have led the game to sport an overall fine look.

interactive game of life game

However, though it seems very easy to explain, the actual making of this interactive Game of Life was never so easy and quick. For each of the 44 boards and the cells, separate programming has been made and each board had to get an AVR ISP header. So, seeing the efforts behind and the total look of the game, the great work of Leo must be commended.

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Via: Evilmadscientist