Samsung Proxima Concept Design

If you’re a fan of communications tech or even if you’re just a fan of shiny new phone designs, the Samsung Proxima might be for you.
The Samsung Proxima is a concept design for a cellphone/LCD wristwatch. Of course, the idea behind it isn’t as simple as it first appears. The device comes with a proximity sensor so that owners will never lose their phones again. The proximity sensor is the major selling point of the Proxima, and it actually works in different ways.
The Proxima’s sensor basically keeps the device with the wristband paired up and within a certain range. This guarantees that as long as you keep the wristband on, you won’t lose the phone. The device will beep and the wristband will vibrate once the phone is out of range, and if you can’t find it, you can use the call button, like a wireless telephone’s handset locator feature. The proximity sensor, usefully, also allows owners of the Proxima to connect with each other by identifying other Proxima users. Of course, the phone detaches and unfolds to reveal the handset which features a full QWERTY messaging keyboard.
The Proxima is a standard device with the wristband coming in different colours/styles. The design is rather novel and the device does double as an LCD wrist watch, which doubles the efficiency as well. One of the major benefits from a device like this is that it is good for people who tend to misplace everything, and at the same time, it makes for a pretty decent fashion trend.
The Proxima is a concept design by Johan Loekito, in collaboration with Samsung Design America in fall of 2009. The slogan of the project is “you’ll never lose your phone again.”
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