Orbit Metal Bracelet Shows The Time, I think…

I always enjoy reading the Tokyoflash blog. Not only do they come up with these insane-looking watch designs that seem to belong in James Bond movies, but half the fun is figuring how they work on your own.

Take for example, this Orbit Metal Bracelet from Tokyoflash Watches. Giving it a quick look-over, the piece seems to belong in the next Deus Ex video game, with its black metal sheen and little green squiggly lines. How does it tell time, you ask? Well… honestly I have no idea.

Basically, the hours are shown through small lit shapes at the top and bottom of the interface. The outline of these shapes (supposedly) work as reference points. The minutes are displayed digitally at the center, with LEDs hidden in the layout. If you still have no idea how this thing tells time, you’re probably not alone, but I have good news! This handy picture below gives us a… uhm… simple way to understand the bracelet’s inner workings. I just don’t recommend bringing this out to the bar. I mean really, if anyone asks you for the time you’ll likely be sitting there until you hear “last call.” At that point you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay there… well, at least you’ll know it is 1:45.

If this metal bracelet is a little too complex for you (hint: me) there are some slightly similar designs from Tokyoflash that have been featured here. If you’re the athletic type, we have the TokyoFlash Sport Mode. Alternatively, you can go with the simple “Direction” watch design, too.