A complete make over: Nokia model modded in Steampunk style

If I asked you to look at the pictures and tell me what the model number is, most of you would probably get it wrong, though there will be a few correct answers comprising of lucky guesses and some geniuses.

steampunk design 1

Yes, you have to be a genius to get this one right as this one has been completely redesigned by Ivan Mavrovic. But you can guess the style, it’s Steampunk style! Making it look way cooler than ordinary handsets. I mean just you holding it makes it stand out among the crowd as it’s so peculiar and “in” ( lots of Steampunk gadgets are in fashion these days). This one has almost changed in appearance as it has undergone many changes. First of all, the front has been completely taken off, including the screen.

steampunk design 2

Ivan Mavrovic has replaced the screen with a round shaped glass, reminding you of the mirrors royalty had in medieval times. You will also notice extensive use of thin metal rods which adds to the Steampunk style. Also the Center button has been replaced with a small round glass; the designer as it looks has gone with the theme. Now, just below the Center button you will see the regular buttons carved out of wood the way I see it. Moreover, you will notice that the writing on the buttons is a bit untidy to give it a rough medieval look.

steampunk design 3

The color of the wood also matches with the one at the base of the mobile. Now, you look at it from the front and say: this does look like a mobile from the Middle Ages. But when you turn around you do get the glimpse of the 21st century for sure, smooth surface, neat color and a camera near the top; it’s normally the front that you will be mostly dealing with right. Even though it is medieval in design, it’s still a 2009 model mobile in function; renovated while keeping all of the capabilities it had in its more modern looking mod. Therefore, it’s a great choice, you can tell your friends any model number and they will not be able to falsify you, though be careful if you run around the company of a genius or someone who is to read this article.

steampunk design 4

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Via: GizmoWatch