Compass: A Slim and Portable iPad Stand

The Apple iPad came, saw, and conquered. It follows in the line of Apple gadgets that have revolutionized, almost single handedly, their respective segments: the iPod (music player segment), and the iPhone (mobile phone segment).

The tablet computer was released with a tremendous response from consumers and is all set to change the PC segment.

Now the Apple iPad is a single, rectangular component. It does not come with additional accessories such as a keyboard. The full touch panel of the tablet computer functions as the typing pad as well. This poses an ergonomic problem. If a user needs to type out a document with the iPad placed on the lap or on a desk, he or she would have to crouch over the full touch screen and type, which may lead to neck and shoulder strain.

Twelve South, a company that designs accessories exclusively for Apple computers, has created a clever iPad stand that should be a handy accessory for the tablet PC users. Compass is the name of the stand and it takes after the ubiquitous compass that helps us draw an arc and circle in geometry class.

The compass-inspired accessory from Twelve South is a three-legged stand that comes in an elegant silver-steel design. The two front legs of the Compass act as holding pads for the iPad while the third hind leg acts as a support.  When used in an upright position, the Compass transforms into an easel for the tablet computer, and can be used to view the iPad in portrait and landscape mode.

In the portrait mode, the user can view slideshows, browse online bookstores, and flip through online news articles at a comfortable eye-level angle. The user can also place the iPad in a landscape mode on the Compass and watch movies and TV shows in cinemascope.

The Compass has been designed in such a way that it can function as mobile workstation as well. The third leg of the stand folds back in half, which provides the perfect angle for typing documents on your iPad. This allows the user to put in long hours of work on the tablet computer without the neck and back strains usually associated with desktops and laptops.

For a computer stand, the Compass is surprisingly small and portable. Engineered from heavy gauge steel, the slim iPad stand can be carried around anywhere you go. If you are an iPad user, the Compass is definitely an accessory you should check out. It can be owned at $39.99.

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