Golfing Is Fun: Thanks To RoboCup Golf Ball Return Robot

Golf is fun, but not the effort you have to make to get the golf balls back from the hole. But it’s now the time for the golfers to rejoice, because the RoboCup Golf Ball Return Robot is here to relieve you of this painful misery.

RoboCup Golf Ball Return Robot

RoboCup Golf Ball Return Robot easily fits into the full-depth as well as practice cups. It will automatically return the golf balls up to a distance of 14 feet. The RoboCup comes with a Caddy Cord, which will return back missed shots as well. The whole set of the RoboCup Golf Ball Return Robot runs on four AA batteries, which are not included with the purchase. These batteries will last for around 12,000 golf ball returns by the Robot. The whole purchase will also include a zippered and padded carrying case and the entire set can easily fit in your golf bag too!

It takes 72 strokes for a score of par and on every 18 holes; two strokes will be set aside for putting. So, this will sum up to 36 strokes or exactly half of the entire round. As you see, almost half of your time will be wasted on putting back the balls. But with the smart RoboCup Golf Ball Return Robot, you can not only save time and energy, but devote the same in getting a better score. The RoboCup comes in dimensions of 1.75 inches tall, 3.75 inches deep and 3.25 inches wide, while the Caddy Cord is of 22 inches x 1 meter diameter.

PGA Tour golfer Fred Funk quoted that he is just in love with the RoboCup and says that it has been like an old man’s dream for him. Why not, after all the RoboCup Golf Ball Return Robot is the only machine which returns your golf ball back! No wonder why more and more top golfers are using the RoboCup, which has won the “Best New Product” at the PGA 2009 Merchandise Show.

You can purchase this cool RoboCup Golf Ball Return Robot by paying $59.95. To get the Golf course ready, the Robot Lawnmowers are a nice choice. Another Robot that can do miracle is the Robotic Wheelchair that Automatically Follows Human Companion