Batmobile Tumbler Nano Ride Mini Vehicle from Hot Wheels

Batman is one of the favorite superheroes of every child. Toys and merchandise relating to Batman are always prized by all his fans. Joining the list of all Batman toys is the new Batmobile Tumbler Nano Ride Mini Vehicle from Hot Wheels.

Children get bored very easily. When going out they may not be allowed to carry toys for the sheer reason of being unmanageable. Carrying a radio controlled (R/C) car is definitely out of the question. But not anymore. Thanks to Hot Wheels. The new Batmobile Tumbler Nano Ride is the ultimate in ‘super-small gadgetry’. This super cool toy is so small that it can easily fit into your child’s pocket and be carried along everywhere. Never before could you fit an R/C car in your pocket. When it comes to appearance, it has the authentic Batman colors and has the looks of a real superhero vehicle. It is small yet powerful.

This small car is very different from other small cars. It can be flattened and slid into its sleek cover. How does a flat R/C car function? Fret not. This is where the term ‘super-small gadgetry’ is completely justified. The car is flattened only for storing purposes. To use it, all you need to do is slide it out of its cover and press a small button. What you will see next would be a wonderful sight. A flat car will instantly take shape of a fully functioning three dimensional R/C Batmobile Tumbler. The entire process of seeing a flat plastic sheet transform into a three dimensional object can in itself prove to be of great fun for a child. The cover doubles up as the controls and there you have a mini car running all over the place. And this little car is under the control of your little one’s finger tips.

The Batmobile Tumbler Nano Rides Mini Vehicle has everything in it to appeal to every child. It is small, has great looks, and is associated with the very popular superhero Batman. Backed by the trusted brand of Hot Wheels it carries with it the assurance of being a quality product. What else could one ask for by spending an amount of $30.99? The only result of owning this Batmobile Tumbler will be an extremely happy child and a relaxed parent. After all every parent would like to get toys for their children which give the true value for money – both in case of happiness and quality.

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