Ollie the Cute Bird from Twitterrific!

Wasn’t there enough of tweeting in our life? If you don’t think so and believe social media (especially Twitter) has had a good impact on your life then why not praise it or show respect towards it?

How about you go out there and show the world how much in love you are with the twitter life by keeping this Ollie bird on your mailbox?

Even the postman (if he uses Twitterrific) would know that ‘hey here lives another tweeter’.

Believe it or not, this little birdie of Twitterrific can always remind you to check your twitter account. Maybe there’s an urgent message you have been waiting for and you simply forget about it. The birdie can be of great help here. On the other hand, it is also a very pretty decoration piece. I mean on your computer table; instead of having stuff that is not relevant to the social media revolution, it would be a lot better to have something that depicts your enthusiasm. For me that would work better, don’t know if it’s the case with you.

Now let’s talk about our cute friend Ollie…

This cute little Ollie bird comes in two variations; one with a shiny body and the other with a flocked finish which is pretty soft to touch. I personally prefer the one with flocked finishing because it would seem like you are holding a real birdie on your hands. Imagine having this birdie right on top of your monitor to show everyone that you are a die-hard tweeter. Believe it or not, this can actually revolutionize the way people think of social media.

And yes, you should keep in mind that this birdie (Ollie) is a collector’s item and not your ordinary toy. Don’t even think of buying this as a present for your kiddo’s next birthday. It is a delicate thing that your kid might just rip Ollie apart. She deserves better care than that I suppose. The plain version of Ollie is available for $19.95 and the flocked version is available for $26.95.

Get the birdie and tweet a style statement!

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Via: Unpluggd