The motorcycle of the future: Machine Fly

It has been fantasized by many, over and over again – at least for the last three decades; a motorcycle that can fly. This fact has been well represented in fiction with no better example than in Dragon Ball where you see all sorts of flying vehicles in the West city, or even Hagrid’s flying motorcycle in Harry Potter.

top view of bike

However, this fantasy has been given shape by Gonzalo Guerrero, who has just designed a flying motorcycle!  This flying motorcycle, which has been called Machine_Fly, looks sleek and shiny; the silver handle, and yellow buttons matching with the black and red exterior make you want to ride the bike at the very instant you get a glimpse of it. Looking at the bottom you will see no wheels (this is a flying motorcycle after all). You will however find an exhaust pipe at the back which functions the same as that of a conventional one, that is, to provide forward thrust. If you look carefully, you will see that its design is heavily based on the big motorcycles of the modern age, though a bit more luxurious.

front view of bike

However there are certain features that a heavy bike has that we don’t see in the pictures. One thing being is that it has no front lights (I wonder how will you see in the dark?); I don’t see any breaks (for birds you know). Apart from that it looks stunning or in more defined words, a fantastic piece of art. I mean anyone who knows about bike exteriors will be very happy to see this one; in fact, many people who will see these photos will eventually try to make their own bikes become like this.

exhaust pipe

One important thing to note about the way the bike was built is the passage of air above and below of the bike to minimize the effects of friction (streamlined flow of air which reduces dragging to a minimum). The designer has made the shape considering in mind that the bike will take flight; yet, how it will take flight is still not certain. Will the exhaust pipe at the back provide force for that? We do not know anything for sure as yet.

back view of bike

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