20 Batman Gadgets and Toys for the Bat Freaks

I think Batman is the most amazing superhero in the DC Universe. Thanks to his grumpy attitude, his geeky style, his quick wits and his super cool gadgets.

It is not just me though, as there are so many die hard Batman fans out there who are always excited about everything Batman and this collaboration is for all those guys.

Here is a list of 20 brilliant gadgets and some really awesome toys which will interest every Batman fan out there. Check out some brilliant collectibles including an awesome Batman alarm clock to a complete Dark Knight Motorcycle gear and much more.

Batarang Replica

These are the exact replicas of the ones used in the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight. A really awesome replica and a very treasured possession for a “Bat Freak”, they are available for a price of $91.90 and only 1,500 were manufactured as limited edition. So, if interested get these Batarang Replicas before they are sold-out.

1989 Batwing Replica

Here is another brilliant limited edition collectible replica of the Batwing from Tim Burton’s 1989 batman movie. Only 500 were manufactured and they sell at an absolutely exclusive price of $1499 USD. This Batman Batwing Replica is what every “Bat Freak” dreams of.

1989 Batmobile Replica

This is the replica of the famous Batmobile seen in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. The replica also features LED headlights and taillights, and this Batmobile Replica is a limited edition collectible as only 500 models have been manufactured and it sells at an exclusive price of $1,999 USD.

Fiberglass Bat Cowl Replica

The brilliantly design Bat Cowl Replica is made out of sturdy fiberglass and is based on the 1992 movie, Batman Returns. It is non-wearable but a unique collectible as only 500 units were manufactured and each one is sold at a price of $484.99 USD.

Miniature Bat Spy Plane

This miniature Bat-like spy plane is a military concept which includes micro electronic equipment which efficiently improves surveillance and awareness capabilities.  Although, it is not an actual Batman gadget, the concept is very close to become a reality and if it were for Batman this is what the caped crusader would have used for surveillance.

Dark Knight Motorcycle Wear

Interested in getting yourself the Motorcycle outfit which was featured in The Dark Knight? If yes, then your hunt ends here. Universal Designs will sell them to you at an undisclosed sum of money and if you are not much into Motorcycles you can probably give it a try on your Bicycle!

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The Dark Knight Figurines

The Dark Knight was no doubt a great movie and if you want to show your love for the movie. Well, then these Dark Knight figurines have some really great detail work and they would make a brilliant addition to your action figure collection.

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The LEGO Batmobile

All you LEGO addicts here is a Batmobile to derive some inspiration from. This sleek Batmobile is made completely of LEGO bricks and is inspired from, “Batman – The Animated Series”. It looks more like a classic Batmobile but really well designed.

Homemade Batmobiles

The Batmobile Go-Kart

A perfect fusion between a Go-Kart and the latest Batmobile design makes this a brilliant Batmobile Kart. A really exciting thing is that you can get and build one for yourself.

The Batpod Motorcycle

This awesome looking motorcycle is Batman’s Batpod from the movie, The Dark Knight! It definitely has a uniquely awesome design and this mod looks exactly similar to the one used in the movie.

The Batmobile Smart Car

The Batmobile Smart Car is Batman’s answer to the rising fuel prices. The car has got a brilliant remake by George Barris, the maker of the original 1960’s Batmobile. Although, it is not really cool and exciting it seems to be a really smart and economic solution for “Bat Freaks.”

The Batmobile Superbus

If Batman ever needs a bus, then he already has an option for the Batmobile Superbus. It is designed by a team of students at UT Delft, Netherlands and it looks like a super long Batmobile which can house about 23 passengers.

Twin Batarang Set

These are not as capable as the actual ones you have seen in the movies, but these Throwing Knives are a brilliant option for those who desperately need Batarangs. These are made out of solid 440 stainless steel, they are sharp and are quite dangerous. It costs $9.99 USD and comes with a velvet pouch.

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Batman Arkham Asylum Wallet

If you have played Batman: Arkham Asylum you would definitely want to have this wallet. It is inspired by the famous video game and it is all about Batman’s arch enemy, Joker. The Arkham Asylum Wallet is available for purchase for a mere $14.99 USD.

Batman Thug-Proof Cassette Tape Wallet

This is a unique and creatively designed wallet made out of a cassette tape and an old Batman comic. It looks absolutely glorious and seems to be the perfect wallet for every Batman fan.

BatMP3 Music for Batman

This MP3 player looks like a perfect Batman accessory. It is designed to look like a Batarang, has a 1GB RAM and is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. It also comes with stereo headphones which are designed to look like bat ears.

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Batman Mini Action Figures

Ever wanted a tinier and cuter version of Batman action figures? Well, then check these out, it is a set of 8 mini action figures of popular characters from the Batman series, which includes, Joker, Catwoman, Robin, Two Face ad obviously Batman. The entire set costs $99.20 USD.

Batman Clock Radio with Bat Signal

Here is a great clock radio for “Bat Freaks.” It is inspired by, The Dark Knight, features an Fm/AM tuner and it can also project a Bat Signal on the surface you want to. It looks quite brilliant and the projector can rotate a complete 180-degrees.

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Batman Cape and Cowl Set

This is called the Batman Dark Knight Mega Cape and Cowl Set which is absolutely wearable and it can deploy a 5-foot wingspan with a single touch. A must have for those who want to role-play Batman. It is available for about $70 USD.

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Batman Plush Doll

Finally, when you are tired of fighting crime, enjoy the cute side of Batman with this Batman Plush Doll available for $12.99 USD.