Light Up Your Night With The LED Art Cube

No matter what you do and where you work, you will be stressed out by the end of the day. Time to rejoice, because the Multi-Color Animated LED Art Cube is here to relieve you of your stress!

multi-color animated LEDglow

This cube can actually help you to relax your tired body and mind. Its soothing light will surely brighten up your night. This Multi-Color Animated LED Art Cube is available at ThinkGeek, a renowned US based online retailer that caters to the need of consumers interested in scientific and electronic gadgets, founded in 1999 at Fairfax, Virginia. This is a cube of flashy and blinky art and is meant for your desktop. Inside this cube, you will find 64 multi-colored LED lights which are definitely soothing for your eyes and thus, help the mind in relaxing. These LED lights change colors, morph, and blink while you sit in front of it. The Cube measures 5 inches x 5 inches x 6.5 inches in dimension and the unique light show will run for 30 minutes. Best yet, it could be yours for only $99.99.

multi-color animated LED lights

During this relaxing half-hour, be sure that the Cube displays a different pre-programmed pattern of light outputs every time, while you engage in observing this stunning piece of art. The power in the Cube is fed through a power adapter, which comes along with this brilliant ‘zoning out’ gadget. Simply staring at it can help you reach a cool and calm state of mind. This little cube easily fits on your worktable. The Multi-Color Animated LED Art Cube has been dubbed as the new ‘home rave machine’ and that too, without any side effects!

multi-color animated LED

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