Alien PEZ Dispenser

For as long as they sell PEZ dispensers, one thing is always clear: No one buys PEZ for the candy nor do they bother to keep the candy inside the dispenser. It’s much easier to eat them at once than go through the effort of putting the candy in, only to eat them one at a time. The real success of PEZ is their design. This particular PEZ dispenser is made to look like H.R Giger’s Alien from the Sci-Fi film Aliens.

Alien PEZ dispenser

The important part of the PEZ is the head as their bodies and feet don’t give much information about the character PEZ is supposed to be representing. Luckily, the most distinctive part of Giger’s Alien is its elongated head and double mouth.

Opening the first mouth would reveal the PEZ candy which replaces the second mouth that the original aliens have. It would be both frightening and amazing if they incorporated the second mouth in the design where the PEZ would come out of the second mouth instead. However the designers chose not to do so. Despite that, there is an unusual detail put into the head; more so than usual PEZ dispensers.

Alien PEZ dispenser

A PEZ dispenser head usually tends to be a plastic blob featuring the roughly shaped head of a character. Any extra detail, such as eyes are painted on it. No expressions were painted on this alien, and the design of its head has been molded with detail. On the side view, you can see the sleek tubular weaving its way to the head plus the plate like skin that covers the top of its head. When turned at an angle, you get to see that the plate is actually semi-translucent, and that you can actually see through the head and know what’s inside of the alien’s head!

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Via: Nerd Approved